Cash Boxes

Cash boxes provide the ideal way to keep your money safe and organised if you are for example selling products or services at an event such as a carboot sale, charity event, school or church fair or on any occasion where you need to take cash and give change without the benefit of a cash register. They also provide a solution for the storage of modest amounts of cash or valuables.

Cash  boxes come in a variety of sizes from standard  cash boxes to mini security boxes and mini money boxes (ideal for church & charity collections). They are of durable steel construction and can be secured with either key operated or combination locks

Keyhole Services can supply Cash Boxes from the "Helix" and "Masterlock" quality ranges.

Helix Cash Boxes

Standard Cash Boxes

The Helix Standard Range has a metal carry handle; a lid-mounted lock for easy in-drawer access and a unique Helix “lift when unlocked” latch mechanism. The multi-compartment coin tray has easy scoop access and can be removed to allow storage of larger valuables.

Helix Standard Cash Boxes are available in a range of colours and in four sizes.

All Helix Cash Boxes come complete with two keys and are backed by the Helix extra and spare key service.

Premium Cash Boxes

The Premium Cash Box range offers a contemporary new design allowing the carry handle to lie flat in the lid profile, and the enhanced security of a high security 7-pin radial lock.

Helix Premium Cash Boxes are available in a range of attractive metallic finishes and in four sizes.

Premium Combination Cash Boxes

A Premium style cash box with a 3-digit tumbler combination lock in place of the traditional key lock option. The owner can reset the combination at any time.

Available in two sizes and colours.

Mini Security Box

  • Secure 6"/15cm locking metal box for storing money and valuables.
  • Inner storage tray provides two seperate storage compartments.
  • Supplied with 2 keys.

Avaliable in Red/ Mercury/Blue/Hot Pink

Mini Money Box

  • 4"/10 cm metal box with coin slot designed ideally for coin storage.
  • Storage with 2 keys.

Avaliable in Hot Pink/Mercury

Masterlock Cash Boxes


  • Combination cash box with 6 compartment tray
  • 12-5/8" (32cm) x 8-1/2" (22cm) x 5-9/16" (14cm)
  • Combination lock for keyless convenience
  • Unique keyed feature can lockout combination lock
  • Durable steel construction stands up to daily use
  • Removable tray for convenience
  • Includes 2 keys


  • Combination locking cash box with 6 compartment tray
  • 3-1/4" (8.3cm) x 11-1/2" (29.2cm) x 7-1/2" (19.1cm)
  • Set-your-own combination locking mechanism for keyless convenience
  • Durable steel construction stands up to daily use
  • Spring clips securely organize bills underneath lid
  • Removable tray for convenience

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