Window & Door Security (UPVC, Wood and Aluminium)

Keyhole Services carry stocks and are approved distibutors of door and window fittings for most major manufacturers.

  • Replacement Multipoint Locks

Replacement multipoint locks are designed for the replacement of most existing multipoint locks fitted to UPVC doors. If your multi point lock is broken or damaged or your door is insecure and you need to find a lock to replace it don't hesitate to contact us for advice. These locks are designed for UPVC doors only. They fit into the euro groove which runs down the edge of your door. If there is no euro groove in your door these locks are not suitable. Manufacturers are numerous and include AGB, Avocet Hardware, ERA, Fuhr, Lockmaster etc. Selection of the right type of Mutipoint Lock and its matching gearbox is vital and Keyhole Services are always happy to offer advice on the suitability of these products.

We are also able to supply a range of handles and other accessories needed for UPVC doors.

  • Mechanical and Electronic Digital Locks.

Control of access is vital in providing both security of property and the safety of personnel. Mechanical digital locks are an ideal solution for providing a multi person secure entry system. They have obvious advantages over key locking systems in that they do not require key, card or token systems which can be damaged, lost, stolen or compromised in other ways. They are totally self contained and don't require any extra hardware. If codes are compromised they can be quickly and easily reset to maintain security levels.

Keyhole Services are distributors of "Borg" & "Unican" digital locks and are able to offer best advice on both purchase and installation

  • Electronic Door Viewer

Keyhole Services stock the Yale EIS1100 Electonic Door Viewer - The last word in door viewer security.

"Recent statistics show that there are nearly 13,000 distraction burglaries each year in the UK. Distraction burglary is a type of burglary where the offenders "method of entry" is via trick rather than the typical forced entry. The most common guise adopted is that of an official, so it is becoming more and more important than ever to know who exactly is at the door before you open it".

Traditional barrel door viewers have been available for many years but but do have disadvantages, the image is very small and can only be seen when very close to the door - they cannot provide the level of security provided by an electronic viewer!

Features include:-

  1. View live images of who is at the door
  2. Images are stored (on an optional SD memory card) so you can see who called even when you were out.
  3. A date/time stamp allows you to see when visitors called
  4. The 2.33 inch viewer screen can be seen from distances of several metres away, from below or at an angle and is considerably clearer than a traditional viewer which is ideal for children.
  5. Built in LED for better night viewing.
  6. Includes a long life rechargeable battery (charger included).
  7. Robust & weather resistant metal construction
  8. A wide (90 degree) viewing angle with a built in zoom feature on recordings.
  • Door closers for wood, aluminium and steel doors

Keyhole Services are able to advise on and supply a range of mechanical door closers from several quality manufacturers such as Hoppe, Dorma and Unican. A door closer is designed to automatically close a door and prevent it from being left open. Important applications include its use on fire doors, where maintaining room temperature is an important consideration and where frequent passage of persons inevitably means that doors are left open.

  • Emergency Exit Hardware

Keyhole Services can advise on and supply emergency door furniture from several quality manufacturers including "Hoppe", "Dorma", "Briton" and "Iseo". Emergency door furniture is designed to permit the quick and easy exit of persons, without the use of a key, from a building in the event of an emergency such as a fire . It is also designed to prevent unauthorised entry to the building thus maintaining security levels. Several types of emergency door fittings are available including push bars, cross bars, touch bars, and push pads. It is vitally important to choose the one that is appropriate to your needs and at Keyhole Services we are well qualified to provide you with the right advice.

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