Keysafes for care workers

A keysafe is a secure metal box that can be fixed securely next to your entry door. A single copy of your key or keys can be placed inside and accessed only by a person in possession of the code required to open it. You can choose to who you give the code and the code can be changed at any time.

A typical example of its use could be - If you had two care workers and five relatives visiting your home regularly you would only need one set of keys which would be placed in the keysafe. You would then let your relatives and the care agency know the code in order to access the key to your door. If you then change carers or or your care needs change you can easily change the code and simply advise your relatives of the change.

This takes away the need to have multiple keys cut for several people and the security risk attached to misuse, change of carer, theft or loss.

Keyhole Services are proud to stock the UK's first Police approved key safe which is also recommended by Social Services.

The Supra C500

  • "In 2009 no key safe met Police approval. In August 2010 the first, and only, Police approved key safe in the UK was launched by Supra UK. The new C500 has achieved LPS 1175 level 1 security rating and is therefore as secure as a domestic front door."


Keyhole Services carry a range of keysafes in stock at our Armthorpe shop and we are well qualified to advise on purchase and installation.

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