In these uncertain times many home and business owners are looking to install a top quality safe in order to protect their cash, jewellery, documents and other valuable items.

Keyhole Services are agents and distributors for Burg Wachter and Securikey safes and carry a good selection in our Armthorpe shop.

Keyhole Services are accredited safe engineers and we are ideally placed to offer professional advice on choice and installation.

Keyhole Services offer a full repair and opening sevice

Cash Safes

Cash Safes

Cash safes provide a robust solution for storing money and valuables in either domestic or business environments. Safes are given both a fire and a cash rating which gives the buyer an indication of its ability to resist heat and attack.

Cash rating can range from £3,000 to £100,000 with a fire protection rating up to 750 degrees celsius.

Several locking systems are available including key locks, electronic locks and dial combination locks.

Keyhole Services can supply and maintain several types of safe including

Mini Vaults

Euro Grade Safes of many sizes and locking options

Steel Store Cabinets for the protection of larger items such as cartons of cigarettes, power tools and mobile phones

Deposit Safes for commercial premises

Underfloor Safes are a very popular choice designed be concealed between floor joists in the home.

Fire Safes & Cabinets

Fire Safes & Cabinets

Loss of important documents such as wills, passports and house deeds in a fire can prove disastrous. You can help guard against this by installing a quality fire safe or fire resistant cabinet in which to store your valuable documents.

Keyhole Services can supply and maintain both safes and cabinets which can provide security against theft and fire up to a £2000 cash rating and a 60 minute / 1000 degree celsius fire rating.

Locking options include both electronic and dial combination locks.

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