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Planning to extend or move when your house is not big enough. Extension of your current home can be on the best option, as long as you love the area where your property is located. Builders Chester provide a quick guide to Home Extension.

However, If the property value is high and the price will be increasing near future. It will be a wise decision to keep the property and extend or re-build it according to your needs.

Builders Chester Guide To Home Extension

If you are considering extending your home is the right option for you. Our home extension guide can help you to make a complete extension plan based on your requirements.

Before moving forward, let’s decide what extension you need:

  • One storey or two?
  • Extending up, back and sideways

Home Extension Builders Chester

One storey or two: A lot of Britain people keep their housing stock comprises terraced and semi-detached properties with fairly small galley-style kitchens. But in Today’s date people plan to build larger kitchens. Where you have enough space for cooking and place rest of your regular kitchen stuff eg: dishwasher, cookers, washing machine etc. Finally, enough space for eating. For that reason single-storey, rear kitchen extensions are amongst the most common house extension projects.

The extra cost of adding a second storey to your home extension plan may be relatively low. Having the advantage of additional options like adding a guest bedroom or dedicated home office at the back of your home.

Extending up, back and sideways: Planning to extend upwards by doing a loft conversion. That gives you more option for adding a bedroom, office space or sitting room. Whether extending your house sideways would be a practical alternative. Addition to extending the rear of your property can create a space for you.

However, if you do consider using the side return next to your property. You will have to check the local council’s planning regulations regarding how close your side wall can be to the boundary.